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Market Yourself Like a Boss In Seattle


How to Market Yourself Like a Boss in Seattle

Impact Hub Seattle's Host Program Launch To Success

On its face, the Impact Hub Seattle's host program is a simple one. People give 6 hours of their week for 4 months to help out at the Hub, and they receive..

Why You Need to Network (And How to Do It Well!)

In my work as a career coach, I’ve seen that networking is hands down one of the most confusing and intimidating topics for many job seekers.

How to Ignite Change Without Burning Out

Social entrepreneurship is exhilarating and galvanizing work, filled with purpose and passion. It’s also chaotic, messy, demanding work that can take..

What We Learned: Mobilizing the 3C's to Solve Homelessness

Ending the crisis of homelessness is both a survival strategy for and an aspiration of Impact Hub Seattle, which serves as Seattle’s “base camp” for social..

“It turned into a larger project.”

This is a quote from the collection of “Kendalisms” that my husband has written on our refrigerator white board. This exactly describes the project that I..

How I Slowly Lost My Mind (and how you can free yours, too)

I have a big powerful creative brain. Which is a good thing, because there are a lot of complex problems to solve and creative strategies to hatch on the..

Actively Learn acquired by New Jersey-based Achieve3000

We are proud to share that Actively Learn, one of Impact Hub Seattle's long-time member companies, was acquired by Achieve3000, a leader in differentiated..

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